21 August 2012

Movie Day - Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry is another of the classic films that everyone knows because of it’s iconic scene where Clint Eastwood is looking down at the baddie and utters the memorable words “do you feel lucky punk?” This scene is very much like the image portrayed in the film poster.

What I love most about the poster is the cracked glass layover effect, which makes it look like Eastwood has shot through a panel of glass. The illustration below the coloured image has a silhouette effect similar to those found in the Reservoir Dogs art, giving a strong visual impact in addition to a snippet from the movie itself.

Overall, the movie’s great and the poster grabs your attention leaving little to the imagination as to what to expect from the film itself. If you were a fan of his previous films you would imagine it being a western film in the city. Below the poster is the classic scene I was talking about earlier.

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